R570 cultivar Polyploid assembly
Modern cultivar
Common Name
(Healey et al. 2024)

R570 is a modern cultivar obtained by eRcane breeding program in Reunion island. Modern cultivars are inter-specific hybrids between S. officinarum and S. spontaneum, they all derived from a few interspecific hybridizations performed by breeders in the late 18th & early 19th centuries.

R570 has 114 chromosomes with around 20% coming S. spontaneum including interspecific recombinant chromosomes (D’Hont et al 1996, Piperidis and D’Hont 2020). This polyploid assembly was performed with various types of sequences and data including PacBio HiFi and CLR reads, Hi-C, Bionano DLS optical mapping, genetic linkage mapping, and single-chromosome sorted sequencing.

The genome assembly includes a 'primary' assembly of 67 pseudo-chromosomes organized in 10 homologous groups and representing 5.04 Gb of sequence in which 194,593 protein-coding gene models were predicted. In addition, a 3.7Gb 'alternate' assembly of contigs nearly identical to the primary assembly but that contains enough variation to be assembled separately was built. Half of the genome consists of multiple copies (2-4x) of identical/nearly identical segments that were collapsed in the assembly.

Accounting for these collapsed segments, the total size of the genome assembly represents 9.3Gb.

Reference: A. L. Healey, O. Garsmeur, J. T. Lovell, S. Shengquiang, A. Sreedasyam, J. Jenkins, C. B. Plott, N. Piperidis, N. Pompidor, V. Llaca, C. J. Metcalfe, J. Doležel, P. Cápal,
J. W. Carlson, J. Y. Hoarau, C. Hervouet, C. Zini, A. Dievart, A. Lipzen, M. Williams, L. B. Boston, J. Webber, K. Keymanesh, S. Tejomurthula, S. Rajasekar, R. Suchecki, A. Furtado, G. May, P. Parakkal, B. A. Simmons, K. Barry, R. J. Henry, J. Grimwood, K. S. Aitken, J. Schmutz & A. D’Hont. The complex polyploid genome architecture of sugarcane.  2024. Submitted

Infraspecific Taxon
cultivar R570