S. spontaneum Np-X
Common Name
Np-X (Zhang et al 2022)

Np-X is a S. spontaneum tetraploid accession (2n=4x=40, x=10) that was collected the Himalayas (Meng et al 2019).

The assembly was performed based on PacBio CCS long reads and Illumina short reads. The assembly represent a total of 2.7 Gb assembled in 40 pseudo-chromosomes organized in 10 homologous groups comprising each 4 homologous chromosomes.

A total of 35,754 gene models were annotated with alleles defined.

Reference: Zhang Q, Qi Y, Pan H, Tang H, Wang G, Hua X, Wang Y, Lin L, Li Z, Li Y, Yu F, Yu Z, Huang Y, Wang T, Ma P, Dou M, Sun Z, Wang Y, Wang H, Zhang X, Yao W, Wang Y, Liu X, Wang M, Wang J, Deng Z, Xu J, Yang Q, Liu Z, Chen B, Zhang M, Ming R, Zhang J.  Genomic insights into the recent chromosome reduction of autopolyploid sugarcane Saccharum spontaneum. Nature genetics. 2022 Jun; 54(6):885-896.

Infraspecific Taxon
cultivar Np-X