CC 01-1940
Modern cultivar
CC 01-1940
Common Name
(Trujillo et al. 2021)

                   Monoploid assembly
CC 01-1940, is a Colombian modern sugarcane cultivar obtained by CENICAÑA breeding program. Modern cultivars are interspecific hybrids between S. officinarum and S. spontaneum, they all derived from a few interspecific hybridization performed by breeders in the late 18th & early 19th centuries.

This monoploid sequence assembly was performed using PacBio long reads, Illumina paired short reads, and Hi-C reads. The assembly represent a total of 900 Mb, including 500 Mb of sequence assembled in the 10 pseudo-chromosomes and 400 Mb of small unanchored scaffolds. Each pseudo-chromosome corresponds to a consensus of the distinct hom(oe)ologs. A total of 63,724 protein-coding genes models were predicted.

Reference : Trujillo-Montenegro Jhon Henry , Rodríguez Cubillos María Juliana , Loaiza Cristian Darío , Quintero Manuel , Espitia-Navarro Héctor Fabio , Salazar Villareal Fredy Antonio , Viveros Valens Carlos Arturo , González Barrios Andrés Fernando , De Vega José , Duitama Jorge , Riascos John J. Unraveling the Genome of a High Yielding Colombian Sugarcane Hybrid . Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 12, 2021.

The Global organization of this monoploïd genome is similar to the R570 monoploïd genome (Illustration from Trujillo et al. 2021)

Infraspecific Taxon
cultivar CC 01-1940