R570 cultivar Monoploid assembly
Modern cultivar
Common Name
(Garsmeur et al. 2018)

                   Monoploid assembly
R570 is a modern cultivar obtained by eRcane breeding program in Reunion island. Modern cultivars are interspecific hybrids between S.  officinarum and S. spontaneum, they all derived from a few interspecific hybridizations performed by breeders in the late 18th & early 19th centuries. R570 has 114 chromosomes with around 20% coming from S. spontaneum including interspecific recombinant chromosomes (D’Hont et al. 1996, Piperidis and D’Hont 2020).

This monoploid genome sequence was assembled by sequencing and assembling a minimum tiling path of 4,660 sugarcane BACs (chromosomes segments of around 100kb) that best covers the gene-rich part of the sorghum genome. The BAC clones, that originated from distinct hom(oe)ologous chromosomes of cultivar R570, were selected based on whole-genome profiling and alignment on the sorghum genome. They were sequenced individually or in pools using Illumina or PAC-BIO. The monoploid sequence assembly is organized in 10 pseudo chromosomes and represents 382-Mb of high-quality sequence. A total of 25,316 protein-coding gene models were predicted.

Reference : Garsmeur O, Droc G, Antonise R, Grimwood J, Potier B, Aitken K, Jenkins J, Martin G, Charron C, Hervouet C, Costet L, Yahiaoui N, Healey A, Sims D, Cherukuri Y, Sreedasyam A, Kilian A, Chan A, Van Sluys MA, Swaminathan K, Town C, Bergès H, Simmons B, Glaszmann JC, van der Vossen E, Henry R, Schmutz J, D'Hont A. A mosaic monoploid reference sequence for the highly complex genome of sugarcane. Nature communications. 2018 Jul 06; 9(1):2638.

Infraspecific Taxon
cultivar R570 (monoploid)